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Bioclimatic is neither new nor a passing gimmick

Because our forefathers did not have the means to heat and cool we have nowadays, they were obliged to take account of the environment to achieve the desired comfort.

A kidney-shaped pool was build on the Tigaiga premises in 1964. Something very unusual, as all swimming pools of that period were rectangular.

And this is why.

The aim of Enrique Talg´s “bioclimatic” idea was to combine a harmonious synthesis between the all-year-round comfort of the visitors, taking into account the environment (and reducing the energy needs). As the hotel building was already standing, he decided to mark the sun´s shadow on the garden area during the course of a day. That area would not be dug to create the pool but then … some feet furhter.  Where there was abundance of natural light the new swimming pool was to be constructed even if it turned out to be kidney-shaped!


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