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Enrique Talg and The Tigaiga win a merited prize

At the end of April (2006), don Enrique Talg, hotel impresario extraordinary of Puerto de la Cruz, went to Málaga to receive an important prize during the First Congress of Hotel Impresarios. The award is named ‘Order of Hotel Merit’, and is awarded annually by the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Tourist Lodging, in recognition of the excellence of the recipient’s hotel administration.
Enrique Talg (originally hailing from Switzerland) has always been a visionary within the tourist business in the Canaries, as was his father before him. Talg had a great deal to do with the creation of the Quality Plan in Spanish Hotels, a system dedicated to maintaining high standards of excellence and modernity among all the member hotels in the association.

Talg has educated his own three children, now all grown up and very much involved with hotel management, in the never easy task of achieving his customary success in the running of a first-class hotel. Experience, innovation, loyalty, cleanliness are demanded by today’s hotel clients, and the Tigaiga, situated in the beauties of the Taoro Park, has these in spades.

But Enrique is also known for his strength, endurance and great human qualities – qualities which he has inculcated in his own family, that will enable this third generation to perpetuate the high standards that their father inherited from his father.      
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