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Lonely Planet Review

Aside from being a long suitcase trundle from the bus station, this place has just about everything else going for it. The rooms are classy and large with incredible views and seriously gorgeous gardens. There’s even a peacock or two.

This hotel may not look anything exceptional from the outside, but delve a little deeper and you’ll discover it’s a hotel with history, character and possibly the most spectacular botanical garden of any hotel in Tenerife. Dating back to 1958, the Tigaiga remains a family-owned hotel and is justifiably proud of its prize-winning conservation record. There are 83 rooms – and the same number of palm trees – and the recently refurbished rooms have navy-blue azulejos in the bathrooms to match the blue robes, sky-blue carpeted rooms contrasting with crisp white linen. The views of Teide and the gardens are spectacular. The gardens comprise a croquet-quality lawn complete with peacocks and a cactus garden with some 40 labelled varieties. There is also a “Centro Natuvida” Wellness Center offering massage, reflexology and similar if you feel like total self-indulgence.

Review by author Josephine Quintero

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