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Enrique Talg Wyss bust unveiled

Enrique Talg Wyss was a very busto-mini.jpgimportant man for Tenerife in many areas; tourism, ecology and much more.  In October 2006, he died suddenly while getting ready to go to the Tenerife Tourism Convention, leaving his three very capable children in charge of the Hotel Tigaiga, which he built many years ago and which still is considered one of the best hotels on the island.

On February 18 Tenerife paid tribute to him at a very heartfelt and emotional ceremony which took place at Parque La Sortija (Taoro), right in front of his hotel.  Enrique Talg loved the Taoro Park and did not live to see it inaugurated after its facelift.  Had he lived just a little longer he would have been so happy to see the stunning results.
Hundreds of people turned up to remember this great man who did so much for Tenerife and its tourism industry; including representatives of the Canary Government, Ricardo Melchior (Tenerife Cabildo President), dignitaries and religious leaders. 
His son Enrique and his daughters Ursula and Irene were visibly moved by the wonderful things that were said about their father during the ceremony; Ricardo Melchior, who was a very close friend of Enrique Talg, spoke about how he would always bring things back for him from the countries and places he had visited, always trying to improve the island that he loved so much.
The Mayoress of Puerto de la Cruz, Dolores Padrón also paid tribute emphasising how important Enrique Talgs work had benefitted Puerto de la Cruz and tourism in Tenerife.  
One of the most emotive moments of the ceremony was when Enrique Talg Jr. spoke, thanking the Cabildo of Tenerife, and especially Ricardo Melchior for the moving homage and for the bust which was sculpted by Canary artist Felipe Hodgson for future generations to see.  He was so moved that it was quite hard for him to speak, but he valiantly carried on stating that he and his sisters would carry on the legacy their father left them, working daily wanting to witness this blessed islands progress.
Finally the bust was unveiled and tears flowed freely down many cheeks watching Enrique Talg Wyss children and grandchildren admire the sculpture.                  

by Anna Rodriguez, published in Tenerife News 

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  1. I am sad to learn that senior Enrique passed away, I was employed as a Chef de Partie in 1962,he was a good Boss,I also remember his Dad,worked for 2 years at the Hotel,we ,just moved into the new built Kitchen we were then the best Hotel,Gerhard Braun

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