BMW Motorcycle Day in Tenerife

motos.JPGCan you feel the adrenaline that comes when you dive into those tight, sweeping curves that wind through Tenerife?

Over 130 motorcycles joined the annual rally which started with a Saturday morning breakfast at the Tigaiga.

2 thoughts on “BMW Motorcycle Day in Tenerife”

  1. Dear Sir,
    If you wish to contact local BMW riders you have to visit, click on the FORO and then either look for CANARIAS in the “Salidas y Encuentros locales” section or visit the “Concentraciones” section. Once you are in the Canarias section, you can talk and I am sure there will be someone that can speak English that will contact you. If you need any more information about your BMW motorcycle do not hesitate to contact us. CANAAUTO, official BMW dealer TEL: 922629032.
    Kind regards,

    Ana Moreno
    Dialogue Centre

  2. So that´s where all the BMW Owners are! I have recently arrived on the island and was wondering how to get in touch with like-minded BMW riders. I am English and ride an R1100 RT. If you can advise me how I can contact any of these riders I would be eternally grateful.

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