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Palm Trees – Sponsorship

On 28th February hurricane “Xynthia ” caused great damage, also in the Tigaiga garden.  More than ten big palm trees were completely destroyed or damaged, so they had to be replaced.

atalaya 1 before and after atalaya 2


Thanks to the very generous gestures of Tigaiga-guests the reafforestation could start. MUCHAS GRACIAS

Sponsor: Prof. Dr. Wanke,  palm: Wodyetia bifurcata, location: by the terraseRestaurante Tinguaro, Tigaiga West

Sponsor: Dr. Leuthard, palm: Wodyetia bifurcata,  location: Path from the tennis court to the restaurant, Tigaiga South West

wan1 wan2 wan3

and the Tigaiga continues offering: MORE PALM TREES THAN BEDS!

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