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This year we accomplished our projects!

This year 2013 large projects could be realized in the  Tigaiga to meet many of our guests needs:  Look forward on what’s new!

After closing from  June 15-July 25, we worked for

– A remodeling of the rooms on the ground floor and first floor to improve their quality. The furniture coated in wood tones in these non smoking rooms (with sound-proof windows, Wi-Fi access and flat-screen TVs) will offer a homely atmosphere with light coloured details combined with the carpeting. All bathrooms will be equipped with a walk in shower.
– Also in the Salon Atlantico there will be a big change. From Autumn evening events will be held in this new area. Thus, well being is paired with entertainment  to guarantee wonderful holidays.
– Under the slogan: “A nice vacation begins with a pleasant arrival” the hotel driveway has been renewed. The entrance area was rebuilt, more garden area and an expanded space ensure safe parking during your stay will then be provided.

These renovations are carried out exclusively by local companies, mostly by family owned business like us.

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