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Island Connectios – Classic car jaunt

ca924.11.2013 – By John

In bright sunshine this morning, the pre-1945 vintage cars of Tenerife gathered at the Hotel Tigaiga, in Parque Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz, for their annual fun run.

In the cavalcade of some 30 pre-1945 cars were a number of Fords, Chevrolets, a smart black Humber (predating the Hawk, but with similar recognisable lines), a similarly painted Vauxhall, a Pontiac, a Dodge, and a number of other exotica some of which I had never heard, such as a Willys-Overland Whippet Six, which drew much admiration from the throng surrounding it. All were in perfect condition, a credit to their owners, and were probably individually worth a small fortune.

This was the XV incarnation of the annual Tigaiga excursion, and with much waving, tooting of old- timer klaxons, and accompanied by a cavalcade of police motor cycle outriders – with some hotel guests perching precariously and nervously in dickey seats – it was all systems go for a run into the hills, this year for the chosen charity of re-forestation of our northern hillsides. Compensatory tree planting in the Aguamansa area will be based on the numbers of participants and the ongoing green credentials of the hotel in order to offset the continuing CO2 usage of the motor cars of today. Various destinations were identified on a route map for each part of the convoy so that as many locals as possible could see them and cheer them on their way.

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