Tigaiga vintage car tour 2015

IMG_4054It´s now 17 years since the first exhibition of vintage cars took place! Again this Sunday, and inspite of the raindrops,  over 25
vehicles gathered at the entrance of the Tigaiga.

Organized with Club de Automóviles Antiguos de Tenerife, and after taking numerous photographs


the noise of engines and horns wandered through the most emblematic streets of Puerto de la Cruz causing the joy and admiration of the people. The roadmap indicated destination La Guancha, transporting our participants to the winery Viñatigo, a traditional family bodega which thanks to the incorporation of the most modern techniques today reaches the high profile that characterizes their wines.

And of course: we after tasting  the famous wines we returned to the hotel pleased  and very happy.

Photos: Juan Carlos Lorenzo


Video: Señores Mond

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