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Holidaycheck: Hotel Tigaiga is one of the most popular hotels in the world!

holidaycheck 2016

This is an award given by the users of this leading German-speaking market internet  site from reviews and experiences shared online. The award could not have been possible without your help, so: thanks  a  billion!

Which hotels have been awarded with a HolidayCheck Award 2016?

The HolidayCheck Award 2016 is awarded based upon the HolidayCheck popularity ranking. Up to 10 of the most popular hotels in each region will be given a HolidayCheck Award 2016, provided that they fulfil the minimum criteria.

Which minimum criteria must a hotel fulfil in order to qualify for the HolidayCheck Award?
• At least 50 reviews in 2015
• At least 90% recommendation rate
• At least 5.0 overall rating
• No demonstrable violation of the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct in 2015



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