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WATIFY initiative – Hotel Tigaiga

Our hotel has been contacted regarding the second phase of the Watify initiative – an awareness-raising campaign, funded by the European Commission, on digital and technological transformation. The objective of the Watify initiative is to speed up the modernisation of Europe’s industry and to unleash new business opportunities in Europe.

The Watify team has developed brief case studies of a number of SMEs in Europe that have successfully transformed their business or created new products / services using digital technologies and /or Key Enabling Technologies.

The Tigaiga was identified as a good example of a success story having transformed its business by introducing 3D Panorama, Virtual tours and Earth TV. A case study of  our company outlining the challenge addressed, solution applied, transformation process, and results and lessons learned will be published on the European Commission’s website.

If you need further information info@tigaiga.com


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