Implementing innovative waste management measures
Sustainability & Environment

Implementing innovative waste management measures

Today we installed a new composting machine for the treatment of the organic waste from our kitchen and restaurant: we want to reduce waste, and the emission of greenhouse gases and produce a quality compost for our gardens.

Our team will now deposit organic waste daily in the “Big Hanna” composter. We hope that in about 8 weeks the aeration and oxygenation will guarantee the natural decomposition and we will have compost ready to be used !

The object of this specific European project  – URBAN strategies for Waste management in Tourist Cities (URBAN-WASTE), with the Puerto de la Cruz City Council, Sufi TARAJAL, Cabildo de Tenerife, ASHOTEL and the Tigaiga is implementing solutions for making tourism more sustainable.

The Hotel Tigaiga, Puerto de la Cruz de Tenerife is committed to the latest technology in composting

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