The URBAN WASTE final conference
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The URBAN WASTE final conference

The Final Conference was opened by Ms. Fadila Laanan on behalf of the Brussels regional government, taking place at Balsamine theatre in Schaerbeek – a unique storytelling experience looking back at the previous 3 years of the project.

URBANWASTE welcomed the project’s 11 pilot cities and regions, other 16 project partners and invitees and guest from the European institutions, various European industry associations.

NGOs and research institutes, as well as numerous other cities and regions came to hear ideas and got inspired by what URBAN-WASTE has laid down in the area of waste management in tourism. Apart from highlighting the roles of cities and regions in the transition to circular economy, there was also the signing ceremony of the Charter of Commitments, URBAN-WASTE’s very own campaign and initiative targeting cities and regions and acknowledging their efforts in making tourism more sustainable.

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