Great news: TUI Holly 2020 for hotel Tigaiga!
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Great news: TUI Holly 2020 for hotel Tigaiga!

Today we received a wonderful email:

Hotel Tigaiga / Dear Mr. Talg

Our guests have made their decision about which hotels should be counted among the best TUI holiday hotels for the year 2020. You and your team are winners of the TUI Holly 2020. Your hotel is recognized as one of the most popular worldwide. The management and the staff at TUI Germany all warmly congratulate you!

MUCHAS GRACIAS to our clients and staff which have made this possible This means 25 years which we have received this prestigious award!

Famila Enrique Talg

Since 1994, the TUI Holly has been a symbol of the highest appreciation of our mutual guests and offers clients and travel agencies guidance when choosing a holiday hotel.

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