HolidayCheck Award 2020 Tigaiga
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HolidayCheck Award 2020 Tigaiga

This year, 732 hotels received awards as part of the HolidayCheck Award, 188 of which received the Gold Award. This is awarded to hotels that have won the award for at least five consecutive years, thus guaranteeing excellent service and customer satisfaction at the highest level. For the second time in a row, the Tigaiga gets the Gold Award.

This HolidayCheck Award is a great recognition and appreciation of the daily performance for the Tigaiga team. It emphasises the good service and the quality of our hotel. Also trust; since it is not an advertisement of the hotel itself, but a result of consistently good guest reviews. Recommendation marketing is very important as more and more holidaymakers are using internet platforms to obtain authentic guest feedback and to get the best travel and hotel recommendations before booking their trip.

Our aim is to continue providing our guests with good, personal and helpful service and natural friendliness. The care of the ensemble with the hotel’s subtropical gardens home to numerous palm trees, the heated outdoor pool, the panoramic location, our quality restaurant are some of the highlights that our Tigaiga guests particularly appreciate.

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