Dear Tigaiga Guest!
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Dear Tigaiga Guest!

First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your family will continue being very well. The most important thing nowadays is that we are all healthy and that we can be with our families and friends.

As you know, the health crisis caused by COVID-19 also gives us the most difficult moments we have ever faced in the company. With more than 60 years of hotel history, we have encountered all kinds of situations and challenges, but never one that has forced us to close our hotel. The first few weeks were hectic, paradoxically, to organize the closing of the hotel. The well-being of the Tigaiga team and the continuation of the company’s profitability were always taken into account here.

We have now been concentrating on reopening. We are working on offering you our usual service in the Hotel Tigaiga & Suites again, with new measures in order to be able to offer you the greatest possible safety and hygiene. At the same time, we pay close attention to the information provided by the local and international authorities regarding travel and safety.

We wanted to let you know because we really appreciate your loyalty: it is our motivation to continue working. Fortunately, we have experience and a very professional and dedicated team that works tirelessly with the only hope of being able to fill Tigaiga with life and happy holidays again.

We hope that even in these difficult times you will keep your enthusiasm for travel high, as we will keep our enthusiasm and vocation to offer you the best service again!

Familia Enrique Talg

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