Tigaiga: safety first
Corona COVID 19

Tigaiga: safety first

Our revised guidelines strengthen the already existing quality, safety and hygiene standards. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our employees and suppliers and to comply with all new binding regulations so that every guest can enjoy their vacation even more safely and quietly.

  • Rules of hygiene and safety regulations.
  • Maximum quality of facilities and services.
  • Fire protection systems and emergency plan.
  • Pest control.
  • Water treatment.
  • Access control through locking systems and video surveillance.
  • Hygiene control and food analysis.
  • Update of safety and sanitary standards.
  • Additional digital interaction with guests.
  • Rearrangement of the spaces to comply with the distance rules.
  • New cleaning measures.
  • Increased security checks for food.
  • Increased selection of local and certified suppliers.
  • Constant review of compliance with hygiene and cleaning regulations.
  • New guidelines for suppliers when receiving goods.
  • Review and adaptation of procedures regarding hygiene and safety.
  • Creation of specific guidelines in housekeeping and kitchen.
  • Redesigning workflows to improve security.
  • Use of personal protective equipment by guests and employees.
  • Provision of hand disinfectant gel in public areas.
  • Continuous employee training on COVID and security.
  • Information and safety recommendations for guests.
  • Textile disinfection.
  • Daily disinfection of our systems.
  • New cleaning measures for the rooms
  • Reduction of the extra items in the rooms to the essentials (e.g. removal of brochures or laundry bags)
  • Use of new materials that are safer, more hygienic and yet environmentally friendly.
  • New programs to reduce contacts and thus risks.
  • Automate processes for guests to reduce contact.
  • Improve administrative processes to reduce waiting times.
  • Allocation of places
  • Compliance with the safety distances and avoidance of passage areas.
  • Process automation, e.g. Avoiding cash payment
  • Development of new forms of presentation such as increased offer of single portions, …
  • Disinfection of equipment, furnishings and table linen for safety in the restaurant.
  • Rethinking the gastronomic concept.
  • New product formats.

On the subject of SUSTAINABILITY: The Tigaiga is committed to its commitment and sustainable business model:
• We minimize the negative impact on the environment
• We feel committed to our environment and are committed to / in our community.
• We promote a responsible lifestyle.
In all of this, we meet the assessment criteria of the most demanding certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, Travelife, Sicted.

Regarding the well-being of our guests: This remains our priority and is now being reinforced by
• Healthy and more sustainable gastronomy.
• More fresh local products.
• Stricter control of our suppliers.
• Dishes that are adapted to special nutritional needs.
• Pilates offers and wellness with Mari Carmen

Our team
We take care of our employees so that they can continue to do their work with maximum reliability. This enables us to offer you all the highest quality of service. Our highly qualified and committed team, which is used to very demanding internal rules, remains up to date through continuous training.

In short, we implement all of these measures, which are aimed at the well-being of our guests and employees, in order to continue to offer you the best Tigaiga holiday experience.

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