Barraquito Tigaiga

Barraquito Tigaiga

25ml of condensed milk
25ml of Licor 43
1 cup of coffee
50ml milk
cinnamon powder
1 lemon wedge

HOW TO MAKE THE BARRAQUITO: The elaboration of the Barraquito is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that we show you below:

1.- At the base of a tall glass, we put the condensed milk. This will be the first layer of our Canarian coffee and the one that will sweeten the drink a lot.

2.- On this condensed milk, we are going to pour the Licor 43 helping us with a spoon. That is to say, pouring it over it, so that it does not mix with the condensed milk itself.

3.- It is the turn to add the milk. Before putting it on, we turn it into foam with the steamer of the coffee maker. Essential step of a good barraquito coffee. Once this is done, we add it by the spoonful over the liquor 43, always trying not to mix the ingredients together.

4.- On this layer of milk foam, we put the coffee, again pouring it little by little on a spoon, so that it does not mix with the milk foam. Due to the effect of density, this coffee will fall below this foam, and will be placed on the liquor 43, as can be seen in the image above.

5.- It only remains to decorate our coffee with a little cinnamon powder on top. Make a small cut to a lemon wedge and place it in the glass. This will give an olfactory citrus touch to your barraquito coffee. Insuperable!

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