New palm trees in our garden!
Subtropical gardens

New palm trees in our garden!

Today was initially an intriguing Monday! .. and finally very different from others. The Talg Family (Irene, Úrsula and Enrique) thought of me to sponsor and plant one of the new palm trees in the garden of the Hotel Tigaiga.

I can’t be more grateful !

Along with me, Tigaiga clients who are already part of the history of this emblematic hotel and who from today also have their palm tree in this garden.

PS: The Talg tradition uses to put a coin every time a palm tree is planted, in an establishment where there are more palm trees than beds.

I have posted this in appreciation and today, I couldn’t stop thinking of someone who really liked plants.

Juan Carlos Lorenzo, Hotel Tigaiga, August 2021

Royal Palm 1 – Doña Maria has been a loyal Tigaiga guest over 25 times and even twice – in Tigaiga Suites – during the Covid period!

Royal Palm 2 – Don Juan Carlos Lorenzo, always supporting Tigaiga for over 25 years and, among other things, external consultant in quality and environmental management.

Royal Palm 3 – Señores Amrhein-Buss, on behalf of many, dear loyal clients, as the first guests at the Tigaiga reopening.

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