Tenerife Diversity and Tigaiga’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism
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Tenerife Diversity and Tigaiga’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

In the media, the Canary Islands have recently come into focus, primarily due to reports on the large-scale demonstrations against mass tourism. The demonstration on April 20, 2024, in Santa Cruz was an expression of the growing concern among locals about the impact of mass tourism on their quality of life.

However, Tenerife is much more than just a popular tourist destination. The island stands out for its diversity, both in terms of tourism and landscape, as well as culturally. It is characterized by the bustling centers of mass tourism in the south, as well as the quiet, authentic places in other parts of the island.

As the Talg family, we place great importance on highlighting this diversity while actively working on solutions to address all challenges. We are aware that tourism plays a vital role in the island’s economic development, but it is also essential to consider the needs and concerns of the local population and the environment.

Therefore, we strongly advocate for sustainable tourism that combines economic, social, and environmental sustainability. For over 65 years, we have worked closely with local communities and organizations to find solutions that meet the needs of both tourists and locals.

At the Tigaiga, we see ourselves as part of the solution: ee are proud to actively promote sustainable tourism and continue to contribute to the positive development of our beautiful island.

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