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Tenerife Diversity and Tigaiga’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

In the media, the Canary Islands have recently come into focus, primarily due to reports on the large-scale demonstrations against mass tourism. The demonstration on April 20, 2024, in Santa Cruz was an expression of the growing concern among locals about the impact of mass tourism on their quality of life. However, Tenerife is muchContinue Reading “Tenerife Diversity and Tigaiga’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism”

Sustainability & Environment

Study week Tenerife FHGR University of applied Sciences of the Grisons

In terms of the module Project Management in Practice of the bachelor’s degree in tourism, the project team conducted a project week in a tourism destination to do research on-site to a tourism-related research topic. The project team decided to have a closer look at the island of Tenerife and focus on preventing waste producedContinue Reading “Study week Tenerife FHGR University of applied Sciences of the Grisons”

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Tigaiga Joins “El Primer Viaje” to Protect Marine Life in the Canary Islands

Every year, we have the opportunity to demonstrate that tourism and biodiversity can coexist in perfect harmony. In the Canary Islands, home to the Cory’s Shearwater, the most abundant species of marine bird in these waters, an astonishing natural phenomenon takes place. During the months of October and November, young Cory’s Shearwater fledglings, on theirContinue Reading “Tigaiga Joins “El Primer Viaje” to Protect Marine Life in the Canary Islands”

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Water management

We are pleased that some results of the research work related to water management in the tourism field that has been carried out by the Economic, Accounting and Financial Management Research Group of the water of the University of La Laguna, thanks to the collaboration of the Hotel Tigaiga , have recently been published inContinue Reading “Water management”

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More solar energy

In May 2023, we will install a new network of photovoltaic panels on the roof of Salon Teide, Hotel Tigaiga. The structure of 70 modules has the capacity to generate 35 kWp and will cover part of the energy needs of our company. The aim of this investment is to improve energy dependency and againContinue Reading “More solar energy”

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We made it: protecting the shearwaters !

Every year thousands of Cory’s Shearwater chicks are rescued thanks to institutional programs and citizen collaboration. The reason for this action is none other than light pollution in coastal areas that contributes to their disorientation. The most committed hotels of the Canary Islands to the environment and the biodiversity that surrounds us join this initiativeContinue Reading “We made it: protecting the shearwaters !”

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MAMAN – Ashotel – Hotel Tigaiga

The NGO Maman Africa Humanitaria and Ashotel are collaborating in a campaign to collect sunglasses, caps, hats and sunscreen from the establishments associated with the Tenerife Employers’ association. Many tourists who visit us leave these items in the hotels and apartments after their stay and do not claim them. We want to collect them from all those establishments thatContinue Reading “MAMAN – Ashotel – Hotel Tigaiga”

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We help them you reach the sea!

The Cory’s Shearwater is the most abundant seabird in the Canary Islands. It lives on the open seas and it only comes to the coast to breed in spring. During October and November, many Cory’s shearwater broods, upon leaving the nests, on their first flight looking for the sea, are disoriented by the lights ofContinue Reading “We help them you reach the sea!”

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Measuring the social sustainability of our hotel

This study aims to demonstrate the derivation of social sustainability metrics that guide the decision-making of hotel managers regarding sustainability strategies based on the case study of Hotel Tigaiga in the Canary Islands, using a noninstrumental approach of the stakeholder theory. Citation Guzmán-Pérez, B., Mendoza-Jiménez, J. and Pérez-Monteverde, M.V. (2022), “Measuring the social sustainability of hotels: a case studyContinue Reading “Measuring the social sustainability of our hotel”