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Tigaiga: Our 20th TUI Holly award!

The 100 hoteliers are very pleased and proud to have won a TUI Holly award! In the biggest customer survey carried out in the German tourism industry half a million TUI guests decide every year which hotels are among the crème de la crème of the international holiday hotel trade. As such the TUI Holly  standsContinue Reading “Tigaiga: Our 20th TUI Holly award!”

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Travelife GOLD 2012

We have just received our award plaque from Travelife GOLD for Sustainability in Tourism PS Achieving a Travelife Award isn’t easy and requires a good result from the Travelife Audit. Audits involve a visit from an independent auditor, who will look at the range of a hotel’s management practices from the way it employs itsContinue Reading “Travelife GOLD 2012”

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Tigaiga receives Travelife GOLD award

During the audit, our hotel Tigaiga has been able to show that we meet the Bronze, Silver and Gold mandatory criteria of the Travelife Sustainability System, displaying a high level of commitment to sustainability. We have also shown we encourage others to get involved, constantly seeking out new opportunities for improvement, actively communicating their progressContinue Reading “Tigaiga receives Travelife GOLD award”

Awards & travel industry Sustainability & Environment

Premio Paisajes “Isla de Tenerife”

In the category “Improvement and landscape integration in business premises” the jury members unanimously awarded a Special Mention to the Hotel Tigaiga. According to the jury this is a  recognition for the efforts and trajectory of this company in landscape conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. The awards ceremony was held last Friday atContinue Reading “Premio Paisajes “Isla de Tenerife””

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TUI Holly & TUI Environment Awards 2009

In 15 consecutive years, the hotel Tigaiga once again receives the award Holly in 2009. This award, given by TUI, is based on the recognition and satisfaction from customers of the German tour operator. Furthermore, for the 13th time since its creation, the hotel Tigaiga also wins TUI Environmental Champion this year. This award, also given by theContinue Reading “TUI Holly & TUI Environment Awards 2009”

Awards & travel industry Tigaiga in the media

TUI Holly award goes to Tigaiga again

For the fourthteenth time in a row the TUI Holly Award went to the Tigaiga. Out of the 12,000 hotels TUI offers, the ‘Oscar’ in the holiday hotel business was awarded to the 100 best and most popular hotels. As the results in guest questionnaires showed, what especially matters for a winning hotel is service-based trade, rankingContinue Reading “TUI Holly award goes to Tigaiga again”

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Tigaiga receives the 13th TUI Holly 2007

In 2007, as well as in the past 13 years, Tigaiga was voted by TUI guests one of the best 100 hotels out of a total of 12.000 hotels worldwide. A prize giving event to celebrate the awarded hotels took place in Hamburg. A basic criterion for above award is the valuation of hotels that resultsContinue Reading “Tigaiga receives the 13th TUI Holly 2007”