Sustainability & Environment

Our effective environmental management system

The hotel Tigaiga with a proactive approach to environmental challenges looks for ways to continually improve our environmental performance . EMAS is our premium environmental management tool to achieve this. It leads to enhanced performance, credibility and transparency of more than 4,500 registered organisations worldwide.

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Green Holidays in Tenerife

The ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ more than lives up to its title with sun warming the landscape year round, from the capital Santa Cruz to the mountainous Teide National Park and the lush Orotava Valley in the north. Places to stay: HOTEL TIGAIGA has been awarded numerous environmental awards since it opened in 1959.

Sustainability & Environment Tigaiga in the media

A special mention to “Effi-e Play Green”

A global competition was organized by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and supported by Telefónica and Research In Motion to identify innovative applications that can help improve energy efficiency and combat climate change. A special mention was made by the jury to the application “Effi-e Play Green”, presented by Turisfera (Spain), pilot proyect in which the Hotel TigaigaContinue Reading “A special mention to “Effi-e Play Green””

Puerto de la Cruz & Tenerife

Ten of the best…European national parks From the volcanic caldera of Mount Teide to the craggy tors of Dartmoor, Europe’s national parks combine stunning scenery with wonderful flora and fauna. Ruth Styles rounds up ten of the best, including: Teide National Park, Tenerife: A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007 … and Where to stay: Hotel Tigaiga in Puerto de laContinue Reading “Ten of the best…European national parks”

Sustainability & Environment

New water treatment equipment

This new softener equipment works by exchanging ions  from the urban network water. The water will also be pre-filtered to improve quality and to protect the entire hotel Tigaiga installation. This facility is also intended to protect the environment: thanks to the new softener we plan to reduce the consumption of detergent (kitchen) and the need of fabric softener (laundry).Continue Reading “New water treatment equipment”