Guests & Friends

Tribute to Puerto de la Cruz & Tigaiga returners

Today the local tourist association CIT (Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo) and the Tigaiga  honoured tourists for their loyalty to our destination. There were four bronze diplomas awarded for a minimum of 15 holidays and a silver diploma for 25 years Puerto de la Cruz holidays. The gold certificate was presented to Señores Washington forContinue Reading “Tribute to Puerto de la Cruz & Tigaiga returners”

Subtropical gardens

Preparing for the “Fascination of Plants Day”

The first international “Fascination of Plants Day” will be held on May 18th (*). In the hotel Tigaiga we are preparing for the occasion and today we planted a “Eugenia unifoliolate” tree and a “Trachycarpus fortunei” palm to increase the number of plant species in our gardens. This action was sponsored by Mrs. Sander, regular customersContinue Reading “Preparing for the “Fascination of Plants Day””

Talg Family

Enrique Talg Wyss bust unveiled

Enrique Talg Wyss was a very important man for Tenerife in many areas; tourism, ecology and much more.  In October 2006, he died suddenly while getting ready to go to the Tenerife Tourism Convention, leaving his three very capable children in charge of the Hotel Tigaiga, which he built many years ago and which stillContinue Reading “Enrique Talg Wyss bust unveiled”