Sustainability & Environment

Tree planting in the Orotava area

Dear Tigaiga guests! With your donations you financed the planting of local trees on the 10th of March in the Barranco del Infierno,  Orotava Valley. In doing so, you contributed not only to preservation of the biological diversity and functions of this area, but also to active climate protection. Mixed natural forests are the largest terrestrialContinue Reading “Tree planting in the Orotava area”


La Orotava – Corpus Christi 2016

“Compassion” is the theme of this year’s sand carpet of the town square in La Orotava. From the end of April it is being created  with over 1,300 kilos of sand. This year, mainly brown and white sand has been collected from the National Park Cañadas to “paint” the image. On June 2nd, the  “carpet” will be ready for theContinue Reading “La Orotava – Corpus Christi 2016”


A beautiful sand carpet in La Orotava …

The Feast of Corpus Christi  is always celebrated in the city of La Orotava  a week later than anywhere else. Since the year 1912,  on the town square, an 900 m²-large image is created with over 2000 kilograms of different coloured Teide sands. The creation of this years image has already begun. A tarpaulin isContinue Reading “A beautiful sand carpet in La Orotava …”