Sustainability & Environment

New water treatment equipment

This new softener equipment works by exchanging ions  from the urban network water. The water will also be pre-filtered to improve quality and to protect the entire hotel Tigaiga installation. This facility is also intended to protect the environment: thanks to the new softener we plan to reduce the consumption of detergent (kitchen) and the need of fabric softener (laundry).Continue Reading “New water treatment equipment”

Puerto de la Cruz & Tenerife

Testing our footpaths (TENERIFE NEWS 10-12-2010)

A group of top hikers have been giving Tenerife’s network of footpaths the once over. However, their perusal and comments have been at the invitation of the Tenerife Cabildo which is keen to provide keen walkers with interesting and safe routes across the island. It’s estimated that around 12 per cent of visitors to Tenerife goContinue Reading “Testing our footpaths (TENERIFE NEWS 10-12-2010)”

Tigaiga in the media


Wednesday, 10 March 2010:  Puerto de la Cruz, the original tourist resort in the Canary Islands, lost a number of visitors during 2009. The report, presented by the Cabildo in February (…) urges rapid reforms and a thorough modernisation of hotels and infrastructures, something very difficult to envisage without massive external help in the current economicContinue Reading “TENERIFE NEWS”