Subtropical gardens

Hotel Tigaiga guided garden tour

Garden tourism is a type of niche tourism involving visits to botanical gardens. Many of Tenerife´s interesting botanical sites can be found within easy reach of the Tigaiga. Since decades, we also offer to our “garden tourists”, who often travel individually, to join and enjoy our organized garden tours. Also available our digital garden catalogue:

Puerto de la Cruz & Tenerife

Public investment

In the last five years, public administrations invested € 51 million in Puerto de la Cruz. The repair of roads, pedestrian zones, squares, public gardens as the Taoro Park, public furniture and building facades have been accomplished. And, finally, also the restoration of the coastal path “Sendero de la Costa” is progressing!

Events Sustainability & Environment

The new British School of Tenerife

The first meeting after the merge of Trinity School and the British Yeoward School forming the new BRITISH SCHOOL OF TENERIFE took place at the Tigaiga. After organizing the starting conference all present had time for casual talks during the coffee-break in our gardens. We wish all 581 pupils a good start to this newContinue Reading “The new British School of Tenerife”

Tigaiga in the media

Hotel Tigaiga in Google Street View

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps that provides horizontal and vertical panoramic views for many streets and buildings in the world including the Hotel Tigaiga. Coverage is shown by dragging an orange “pegman” icon from its position, onto a map of any scale. In Puerto de la Cruz, street view images appear after zooming inContinue Reading “Hotel Tigaiga in Google Street View”