Tigaiga Joins “El Primer Viaje” to Protect Marine Life in the Canary Islands
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Tigaiga Joins “El Primer Viaje” to Protect Marine Life in the Canary Islands

Every year, we have the opportunity to demonstrate that tourism and biodiversity can coexist in perfect harmony. In the Canary Islands, home to the Cory’s Shearwater, the most abundant species of marine bird in these waters, an astonishing natural phenomenon takes place. During the months of October and November, young Cory’s Shearwater fledglings, on their maiden flight from the nest to the sea, are drawn to the lights of coastal developments. Unable to ascend on their own, these vulnerable birds are at risk of collisions and predation.

This year, from October 28 to November 10, 2023, coinciding with the new moon, the days of greatest risk are anticipated. For this reason, our contribution is essential to preserve this endangered species.

We are delighted to announce that Hotel Tigaiga has once again joined the “El Primer Viaje” initiative. Our participation in this noble cause focuses on two fundamental objectives:

Measures at our facilities to protect the birds: Reduction of outdoor lighting and activation of rescue protocols.

Information and awareness campaigns: Targeted at our employees and guests to educate them about the challenges facing this species.

We invite you to join our mission to preserve the unique biodiversity of the Canary Islands. Learn more about our collaboration with “El Primer Viaje” and how you can contribute by visiting https://elprimerviaje.org/

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