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Study week Tenerife FHGR University of applied Sciences of the Grisons

In terms of the module Project Management in Practice of the bachelor’s degree in tourism, the project team conducted a project week in a tourism destination to do research on-site to a tourism-related research topic. The project team decided to have a closer look at the island of Tenerife and focus on preventing waste produced in the accommodations on the touristic island. The project team collaborated with different partner companies in Tenerife to get more information about best practice examples on how to prevent waste in the hospitality industry which can then be implemented by other accommodations. The goal of the project was to analyse the current waste prevention strategies in tourist accommodations of Tenerife because the project team wanted to learn about solutions to prevent waste produced by accommodations in Tenerife in order to establish a set of best practice examples which can be implemented by accommodations in Tenerife. To conduct the research the project team chose a qualitative method. They mainly gathered the data through interviews and then
analysed the investigations. They discovered that accommodations in Tenerife already have some great examples of best practices which can also be implemented by other accommodations.
This report aims to deliver an overview of the project study week abroad in Tenerife and answer the research questions. Besides that, the report will include details about the selected business partners and the evaluation of the interview, the relationship management, the comparison of the target vs actual accomplishments, the time management, the financial plan, the risk management, and the evaluation of the communication plan and the quality management plan, as well as reflective learning of each of the group members. During the project, the project team wanted to have clear communication within the team, with the project client and the accompanying lecturer. Furthermore, it was aimed to gain practice-oriented project management experience for a future career in the tourism industry.


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