Tenerife forest fires – press release 20-Aug.
Puerto de la Cruz & Tenerife

Tenerife forest fires – press release 20-Aug.

The evolution of the forest fires that are currently affecting Tenerife has been more favourable compared to the predictions expected for last night. This is thanks to an improvement in the weather conditions and the strategies deployed by those working tirelessly to bring the fires under control. Following the latest reconnaissance flight, the flank that runs from Arafo to the southern part of La Esperanza can now be considered as stabilised. This is good news, as when once the areas are considered to be stabilised, the possibility of allowing residents to return to their homes can be studied.

The 610-person operation (275 firefighters, 115 security guards, 40 logistics operatives, 20 coordination officers and 160 volunteers) and the 22 air-based resources are currently focusing their efforts on the most compromised areas: Valle de La Orotava and Cho Marcial in Guimar. As reported by the Canary Islands’ Government, the fire has already affected more than 10,000 hectares and is concentrated in the municipalities of Arafo, Candelaria, Güímar, El Rosario, La Orotava, Santa Úrsula, La Victoria, El Sauzal, Tacoronte and Los Realejos.

The accesses to the mountain continue to be closed, specifically, the roads that lead to the Teide National Park from the north and south of the island, and it is also requested that the population not approach the perimeter of the fires, in order to facilitate the efforts of those trying to extinguish the flames. The Government has reported that the air quality index is unfavourable in the municipalities closest to the fire, although this varies depending on the direction of the wind. It is therefore advisable to keep up-to-date with the latest recommendations issued by the authorities. In this sense, in those areas closest to the fire, to protect vulnerable people and groups most at risk, it is recommended to avoid going outside, to close doors and windows and to use FFP2 masks.

Meanwhile, in the Island’s main towns and cities, as in the popular tourist areas, life continues as normal. The local population and tourists are going about their daily business without incident, both in the Metropolitan Area, in which the island’s two main cities, Santa Cruz and La Laguna, are located, as well as in Arona and Adeje, along with Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, San Miguel de Abona and Puerto de la Cruz. The island therefore remains an entirely safe destination at the current time, both for residents and for those tourists visiting us or who are planning to do so. Likewise, operations are continuing as normal at Tenerife’s ports and airports, with no delays or cancellations registered as a result of the fires, while road travel around the island remains unaffected, except for the aforementioned closures of those routes leading up into the mountains

A special mention and thanks must go out to the exemplary behaviour of both the 931,626 local residents and the more than 130,000 tourists who are currently here visiting the island; all of whom have followed the instructions of the authorities at all times. Thanks to the efforts of the firefighting forces and the operation launched, no people have come to any harm. This is thanks to the dedicated efforts of the teams involved, along with precise coordination efforts between the Tenerife Island Council, the Canary Islands’ Regional Government and the Spanish Government. In this way, the safety of all people in Tenerife is guaranteed thanks to the strict safety plan set out by the authorities.

In any event, whilst this situation remains ongoing, we would ask everyone to show extreme caution, to follow all the safety recommendations and to keep themselves informed as to the development of the fires via the official communication channels of the Canary Islands’ Government and the Tenerife Island Council:
• Canarian Government news portal.
• 1-1-2 Canaries’ emergency services .
• Tenerife Island Council .
• Tenerife Island Council highways information centre.

A phone line has also been set up within the island’s Tourist Information Office Network to deal with visitor information requests in Spanish and English: (+34) 922 255433. The line is staffed from 9.00 am. to 8.30 pm. (local time). From the Tenerife Tourism Board, we would like to acknowledge and express our sincere gratitude for the remarkable efforts of the firefighting teams, as well as the exemplary behaviour of the population at this time.

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