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Water management

We are pleased that some results of the research work related to water management in the tourism field that has been carried out by the Economic, Accounting and Financial Management Research Group of the water of the University of La Laguna, thanks to the collaboration of the Hotel Tigaiga , have recently been published in the scientific journal Water.

We believe that it is a good vehicle for the good practices and the effort made by the Hotel Tigaiga in the much-needed, now more than ever, efficient management of our resources to be known among the scientific community.

Once again thank you very much for the invaluable collaboration

Carmen Inés Ruiz de la Rosa

  • Profesora Titular del Área Economía Financiera y Contabilidad
  • Directora de Secretariado de Prácticas y Empleabilidad del Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes de la Universidad de La Laguna
  • Directora del Grupo de Investigación Gestión Económica, Contable y Financiera del Agua
  • Directora de la Cátedra Fundación DISA de Jóvenes Emprendedores de la Universidad de La Laguna

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