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Your TENERIFE made to measure travel plan!

You’re only three clicks away from the best possible holiday on Tenerife:  Tenerife Made to measure plan! Choose the days that you will be on the Island (between three and seven days), the accommodation you would like and your motivation. TURISMO DE TENERIFE will suggest a personalised plan with the best visits and activities forContinue Reading “Your TENERIFE made to measure travel plan!”

Guests & Friends

The schooner Regina Maris visits the Tigaiga on their Atlantic voyage

Regina Maris left Amsterdam for 6 months sailing with SCHOOL AT SEA: an interesting journey via Canary Islands,  Caribean, Panama,  Cuba, Azores and back to Amsterdam. “The present school system offers too few extracurricular activities. Students don’t, for instance, come into contact with nature” says Monique Touw, instigator of the School At Sea project. ThisContinue Reading “The schooner Regina Maris visits the Tigaiga on their Atlantic voyage”

Tigaiga & travel industry

Fam trip MAG MAR

Yesterday we received a Fam Trip organized by the touroperator MAG MAR, from Poland. The visitors were travel agents interested in Tenerife north. They visited the Tigaiga hotel, finishing their visit with a dinner in our Restaurante Jardín. They all showed satisfaction with the service and the possibilities our hotel offers for travellers who areContinue Reading “Fam trip MAG MAR”

Tigaiga & the media

Hotel Tigaiga in Google Street View

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps that provides horizontal and vertical panoramic views for many streets and buildings in the world including the Hotel Tigaiga. Coverage is shown by dragging an orange “pegman” icon from its position, onto a map of any scale. In Puerto de la Cruz, street view images appear after zooming inContinue Reading “Hotel Tigaiga in Google Street View”